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General Orientation to Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Adrian Amateur Radio Club serves the community by being prepared to provide reliable communications during times of emergency.  The club trains through participating in controlled communication nets and special training exercises, often coordinating with other county emergency and relief agencies.  These functions are carried out through the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) program, the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and weather nets (SKYWARN).  Click here to see how the ARRL supports all of these activities.  Click here for an interesting page showing how Washtenaw County integrates ARES and RACES functions, including separate ARES and RACES nets.


The National Weather Service (NWS), in cooperation with other organizations, has established the SKYWARN local severe weather spotting network. The program is an effort to save lives and property during severe weather emergencies.  Click here to see how SKYWARN ties in with ARES and RACES.  Click here to visit the Detroit NWS web site.  Review the Basic Spotters' Guide and the Advanced Spotters' Guide in .pdf file format.


The federal Homeland Security Office has requested that all radio amateur emergency workers participating in RACES have special training. Lenawee County wants all persons in the RACES to have taken the current IS-22 course and the Lenawee County background and security clearances to assist in our county.

The background and clearances are NOT required for most of our emergency operations which are handled by ARES. The checks are required for RACES because that will most likely be enacted by the Federal government during war or terrorism events. Sometimes RACES persons are needed at an emergency operations center and everybody is more comfortable during times of terror with persons who have been checked.

For those of you who would like to become certified, you can take this class on line (click here) as well as your test. The test is a 50 question multiple-choice and true-false test, which is primarily a common sense test covering information which most hams are already familiar. After downloading the written materials to read (or reading them on line) you should print the test, then circle the correct answers, then take the test on line. The on-line form resembles a fill-in bubble sheet, but you click the space for your choice of answer.  

When you receive your certificate in the mail, make a copy of it and place the following info on the back of your copy: CALL, NAME, BIRTH DATE, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER & STATE IF NOT MI, PHONE(S), ADDRESS INCLUDING ZIP CODE.  Check with the county emergency manager, Curtis Parsons for next steps.

Here is the roster and which tests have been passed as of 5/15/15.

Name Call IS-22 IS100 IS200 IS700 IS800 IS701 IS755 Time available other lic bands
Ken Biggle N8EWS               all   T vhf uhf
Dennis Boydston WE8Z x             all  -Jan-Mar   E all
Cletus Brooks  K8TLT x x x x x   x all-Feb-Mar   G all
Kevin Brooks N8JMN   x   x       5pm-8am   E all
Richard Densel K8GX x             all   E all
Ken Filter K8KIC               all  ares only   G all
Neil Griffith KC8DAR               5pm-8am   E all
Bill Grover KA8ARK               all   A all
Mark Hinkelman NU8Z               all   E all
Don Kobish Jr. KD8SKO x x x x x x x 5pm-8am   G all
Larry Lacy W8LNR x x x x x     all   E all
Dave Larson K8AA               all   E all
Bruce Lulfs KB8DIL               5pm-8am   T vhf uhf
Rebecca Lulfs KD8ZCV               all   T vhf uhf
Neil Pearcy K8NP               all-Dec-Mar   E all
Alec Miller K8ADM x x x x x     4pm-1pm   E all
Ted Rachwal K8AQM               all   E all
Norman Schutte W8TTH x x x x x x   4pm-6am   E all
Virginia Schutte W8TTX x x x x x x       E all
Lowell Sheely KC8JJT x x x x x     all   T vhf uhf
Bill VanHouten KD8TTM   x           5pm-8am   G all
Bruce VanWieren KB8OXK   x x x x     all-Jan-Mar   G all
Robert Warwick K2IBM x x x x x     all assis. E all
Arther Wheeler KC8GTA x x x x x     5pm-8am   G all
William Zietlow K8EGN               all   G all
Alan Back N8TIB x x x x x     all   G vhf uhf
Peter Ossmann                 5pm-8am assis.   vhf uhf