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For the Newer Tickler

Another leap into the 21st century for the Tickler.  Editor Mark, NU8Z, and your webmaster discussed how we could get the major functions of a newsletter put into a format that was less labor intensive, yet still provide the opportunity for club members to add tidbits of information that may be of interest to our members.  Mark studied a lot of formats before deciding on a group communication program that was very flexible and would meet our diverse needs.  This format provides space for our monthly Minutes, Prez Sez, Meeting  and club notices, while at the same time there is plenty of space for members to post information about topics that are of interest to them and other members.  If we all occasionally post something, perhaps about a new piece of equipment, or what caused the amplifier to start smoking ( may do that one as soon as I find out what happened!) we can have an interesting communication tool that will serve most of the same purposes that the Tickler has done for almost as long as the club has been in existence.

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